We had to share this amazing Recipe Testimonial from Chef Bryant Fuselier

I had to cook a Jambalaya for some clients today & Ok, against my better judgement, I will share the secret to my base in addition to all of my seasonings. Yes, I was brought up using Rotel, but, I do not prefer the vinegar taste in my Jambalaya. So, this right here is the tomato flavor in my Jambalaya, not too strong, I love sauce picante, tomato gravy etc., but I don’t like a strong tomato taste. So, there you have it, don’t look for any more secrets anytime soon, lol. Besides, my niece received my shipment & realized I had to be using this often. Please give me some feedback, I’m sticking to this stuff. I use I jar per 5 cups of rice. Remember, this is in addition to my other seasoning, not just by itself.

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