Zydeco Nutrition Bars (12 ct box)


The Zydeco Fruit & Pecan Bar is the right choice for the health conscious consumer– anytime–anywhere. The Zydeco Bar has no preservatives, is rich in vitamins and nutrients, and has an easy to read label. Interestingly, this bar appeals to both adults and children alike.
* Good Source of Whole Grains – 11g per serving
* No Trans Fat
* Excellent source of Vitamin A – beta carotene
* Good Source of Fiber
* Over 25% fruits and vegetable in the bar
* Simple and convenient “on the go” nutrition!
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Product Description

The Zydeco Bar is an all natural, moist, richly textured and nutty 45 gram nutrition bar. It has been described as a “wallop of energy squeezed into a bar” particularly because all of the ingredients provide functional nutrition.
The Zydeco Bar provides a convenient and affordable bar which can serve as an alternative snack or breakfast food for on- the- go consumers who want to take refined sugars out of their diet and want nutrition and energy value from a great tasting food bar.
Unlike many of the bars currently on the market, the Zydeco Bar taste great… with no disagreeable or artificial aftertaste.
Zydeco Bar serves the child market as a breakfast food, school snack or even an after school snack— important for sustaining energy in growing children. For the adult market, this bar is the perfect compliment to life’s busy times which often demand nutrition on the run— whether for breakfast or to satisfy cravings between meals. This nutrient dense compact food product is high in anti-oxidants, high in dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates and is a good source of whole grains. It is also low in calories.

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